Packaging for shipping and processing parts pays dividends when the right materials, design, and applications are used.


Plastic is a very versatile and economical material that is available in a wide range of types and blends to suit the needs of virtually any application.



Your Complete Source for Custom Designed Thermoformed Solutions.

Thermoforming Advantages:


More cost effective than other types of packaging.


Prototype phase allows for design and fit issues to be resolved prior to production


Best method for packaging large or heavy items


Produces very little waste – nearly all materials used in the process are recyclable


Provide value through creative design


 Provide quality products and services, on time


• Lower tooling costs


More Custom Applications:

• Automotive

• Retail

• Household Appliances

• Recreational Vehicles

• Farm and Heavy Equipment

• Beverage Industry

• Sports Equipment

• Customized Plastic Pallets

• Custom Produced Pallets

• Custom Thermoforming

• Custom Plastic Packaging

• Custom Injection Molding

• Managing the Costs

   of Custom Packaging

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